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Interns of the month

For a couple of weeks in January, our school had the chance to host three interns who taught various lessons in our classrooms. After their work period, they had several things to say regarding our school.


Tara Marilou Valérie
She comes from Brighton , on the south coast of England. She is 21 years old , she comes from the East of France, next to Switzerland. She was born in Rennes and also lives there.

As the three interns said :

« In this school , the kids are really well behaved and for the first time we were in real work conditions. Our internship taught us valuable experiences »

« We were in charge of different classes , we spent a lot of time and enjoyed preparing lessons for each class and we learned useful teaching techniques.»

« It will certainly help us in our future careers as English teachers. »

« It is definitely important for students to spend some time in the work place as we did in Rosa Parks. Practicing is a necessity for every intern before moving into a working environment. We worked with experienced teachers for the 2 weeks and we would recommend the internship to other students , because they could learn from these teachers and get motivated.»

The three interns have returned to their university to finish required courses in order to become teachers. After their studies, they will be able to have their own classrooms and use all the information they learned during their internship.


Written by 4ème OIB

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