Moses meets Jesus in Rennes.

The world needs a puppet on a Table

Last week, we had the opportunity to witness an amazing puppet show. It was created by the British company Blind Summit. The central character is a puppet called Moses.He is skilfully manipulated by three visible performers, inspired by the Japanese Bunraku style, an ancient Japanese artform.

the Table pics 072

Throughout the show, Moses ,a two foot tall puppet made of an oversized angular cardboard head and a cloth body interacts with the audience with the  help of the 3 agile and  precise manipulaters.Mark who is on the voice, the left hand and holds head described the three rules of puppetry: focus, fixed point and breath. Sean is on the right hand and the bum whereas Irena hold the feet.

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At some point of the show, one pupil of the class was recruited to go on stage to help manipulate the puppet. Titouan enjoyed the opportunity and performed really well. He was in tune with the others .He was quite confident and proud. He just wanted to have fun.

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After the show, our class had the occasion to meet the puppet’s handlers and presented them our «  home made puppet. »The two puppets exchanged on a few subjects.The company told us that our puppet was amazing.We were all really pleased and over excited to see the two puppets interacting.No doubt about it, until the end interviewing a bit of carboard and cloth was pure magic  and fun !

If you enjoy original puppetry, you will certainly want to see this outstanding show. We truly recommend it.It made us laugh, cheer and feel happy for the rest of the day and thereafter.                                       Theater review written by the 4é OIB