Summer Reading 2014

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Easy summer list for pupils entering 5OIB

The following titles are only reading suggestions for the summer. The list is not meant to be exhaustive. Remember that reading books in English does not only widen your cultural horizons but it also enriches your vocabulary and syntax. In other words, the more you read, the better you are !


the Twits by Roald Dahl , 76 pages


Tom Gates by L.Pichon , graphic novel , 237 pages


Diary of a wimpy kid by Jeff Kenney, 217 pages


Drama by R. Telgermeier, graphic novel ,240 pages


Sisters by R. Telgermeier, graphic novel ,207 pages

Coming in August 2014!!!


4OIB 2013 2014

Easy summer list for pupils entering 3OIB


the boy in the striped pyjamas by John Boyne

curiousincident[1]The curious incident of the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon


The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian  by Sherman Alexis


Follow us to Wales : Interviews





In Priory Community school in Weston Super Mare, we interviewed Megan and Megan, two 14 years old students.Here is what they told us :
-Do you like school ?  -Yes sometimes.-It’s okay
2- When do you start and finish school everyday ? – We have school from 8:40 to 3:00 p.m
3- What languages do you study apart from English ? – We also study Spanish, French or German. 
4- Do you practice sport or any other activities at school ? – Yes, We can choose to study cooking, drama or music at school.
5-Are there any schools where the students don’t wear uniforms ? – In most high schools they wear uniforms.
6- Except for Physical Education do you have a special uniform for any subject ?-No, we just wear a white shirt, black trousers or a skirt with black shoes for lessons. For Physical Education we wear a blue top and black shorts.







In Cardiff, Myriam interviewed Andrea Simmons,the mother in her host family

Have you already hosted some students in your home ? I had few groups : two boys last summer, three girls and three other boys…
Why did you decide to host students ? The host family president called me.
Was every student you hosted adorable and lovely or have you already had horrible pupils ?They were all lovely !
Have you always lived in Cardiff ?Yes, Wales is beautiful and I love my house.
In France, we say that it’s always raining in Great Britain. Is it true ?Yes, except for this week : you are lucky !
Is hosting students difficult for the family ?Sometimes for children, when they must give up their room…
Do you only host French students or pupils from other countries ?I only host French students. I think the president hosts Spanish and German pupils but there are a lot of host families.
Does everybody love rugby in Wales ?Yes , everybody does.Students practise rugby at school. Girls and boys love it and watch it !

tv report from caroline tizon on Vimeo.

Our fabulous field trip to Wales

From  Monday the 16th to Saturday 21st of June 2014, we went on a trip to Wales and EnglandDuring this trip we did a lot of activities in different cities, met so many people and had fun.


In spite of an agitated evening on the ferry, we arrived in Portsmouth safe but definitely tired.We headed to Bath, the historical city , especially known for its Roman bath and impressive architecture.

On Wednesday, we visited the capital of Wales, Cardiff and the two main museums : the National Museum and Doctor Who’s Experience, then we went to Cardiff Market, an impressive Victorian structure which offers a unique shopping experience. But the best was yet to come…

The next day, a bunch of 12 brave pupils had the opportunity to climb Ffynnon Garw, a mountain of 1007 feet.After that, we went underground to explore BigPit, a closed mine. Then, on the last day of our trip, we spent the whole day with some students from Priory Community School in Weston Super Mare,somerset. We attended classes and practiced sports with them. Girls played a typical English game called rounders and boys played football.It was a truly enriching experience for all of us and probably the best part of our stay.

There was an excellent athmosphere in the group and we all enjoyed visiting some of the most outstanding places of Wales. That’s why we will always remember this journey.

This trip will be engraved in our memories forever !!

Article written by the 4OIB