Students from lycée Victor & Hélène BASCH helping candidates for the OIB* entrance exams


On Thursday, May 7th,  after school, The current OIB* students from VHB worked with the 9th graders to help them for the competitive entrance exams. They answered questions and engaged in a mock jury with the students.

A real pleasure to see our former and current students working together for a common goal.

 *(Option Internationale du Baccalauréat)

Cartoon Caption contest in 4OIB

The students had to  study the cartoons  below in class  and come up with their own caption..Here are the best productions..It was a great opportunity for them to exercise their imagination and their sense of humour and they did really well.        Which one is your favourite?                                                                                     Just click  on caption n °1  or caption n°2 …and vote for  the one you like best ?