A magazine on the American Civil Rights Movement


cover madmagzWhile the magazine is being printed out, Madmagz sent me the internet link to it.


Feel free to read it ! It’s all made by the 5e : biographies, history, comics, games, thoughts…

Enjoy !

Ms Gilbert

READING CHALLENGE 2015 – Goodbye Ms Trompette !!!

Once again the pupils from Rosa Parks and the pupils from Jean Moulin Primary school were extremely excited and seriously involved in the 2015 Reading Challenge.                                                                                                                           I wish to say a special thanks to Ms Trompette, my colleague and friend who as usual  actively organised and participated to this challenging and ultimate  meeting !!!    I wish you  lots of great adventures in your new school !!! Here are the winners for both classes: WP_20150611_10_53_05_Pro WP_20150611_10_53_18_Pro WP_20150611_10_54_41_Pro So excited ………………….. WP_20150611_10_55_58_Pro