Have you met Jamie Lynn yet ? She is our new assistant !! Welcome to Rosa Parks !!

My name is Jamie Lynn Fontenot and I will be helping your English teacher this year at school. I am from Louisiana, a southern state in the USA, though I have lived in many other places, such as California, Mississippi, and Montréal.

 I have one brother, two sisters and a twin sister; their names are John, Nannette, Bethany, and Jenna.                                                                                                              I am a musician, I play the guitar and the violin, and play in a Cajun-French band in Louisiana. A lot of our friends play music and we get together and play often. I am studying French and plan to be an elementary school teacher when I am back in Louisiana.                                                                                                                               I like France a lot, as I like to walk to work and school; in America, we drive a lot, but I prefer to get more exercise. I like the weather here in Rennes, as in Louisiana it is very hot and humid, most of the year. Even at Christmas, the weather is often warm.                                                                                                                                      I am excited to speak English with you all and try my best to make it fun!