Soon, soon , soon…..Uncover the making of a Queen with our class magazine

the 4OIB have been working  hard on the creation of a magazine and their  special issue . Each group has selected a topic and is gathering information.This special issue is exploring the fascinating life of the British Monarch.From her childhood during wartime in Britain to her unexpected ascension to the throne…….and  the Beatles are playing in the background , a singular tribute to the Queen and certainly the shortest song ever…… ! 26 seconds of pure delight……. ! Thanks Jamie..


postcards reading challenge activity  (2)

Reading Challenge fun activities : Keep track of their reading and their work !!

As usual the CM2 (year 6) from Jean Moulin Primary school are taking part in the Reading Challenge Competition and this year the students  are getting more and more active.They have  suggested and sent us  individual and original  presentations of a book of their choice. GREAT WORK!!!!

cm2  prep (1)

In return , the 6OIB ( Year7) have done a pretty nice job too …They have made  and illustrated original postcard describing this time the universe of a book or their choice.

postcards reading challenge activity  (1)

These activities help the students to keep up their reading skills but they also boost their memory.They are doing well in class and there is more to come !

Keep informed !