I learn America Project

I Learn America, Official Trailer from I LEARN AMERICA on Vimeo.

Last week Jean Michel Dissard, who directed and produced the documentary I Learn America, was back at Rosa Parks to meet the students once again.He uses the film to support immigrant youth. His engagement campaign Stay With Us works to spread I Learn America throughout communities and schools.

       The goal of his visit was to exchange ideas with the students and to invite them to share their own stories, expanding the I Learn America project to include more voices. The majority of the morning was spent not in lecture, but in an interactive discussion between the students and jean michel Dissard.                                                                                                         He  expounded upon the unique challenges faced by youth who must adapt to a new culture. He encouraged the students to participate and to share their own thoughts on the subject, and the students in their turn left behind their timidity and spoke animatedly and profoundly about their own life experiences.