The internship experience!

We are Jussara Beltan, Nolwen LeTeuff and Céline Braga and for three weeks this year, we worked as trainee teachers with Mme Tizon’s classes in Rosa Parks secondary school in Rennes. We are in our first year of Master MEEF and we hope to have our CAPES this year so that we can work as teachers as soon as September.

From Monday 15th, January to Friday 2nd, February, Mme Tizon kindly let us teach her classes, all the while giving us her best advice and letting us benefit from her experience. With the 6èOIB and the 4èOIB, Jussara and I worked on the diary: the travel diary for the 6èOIB and the personal diary for the 4èOIB. During the chapter entitled « Let’s Travel ! », the 6ème OIB discovered a few English-speaking cities and worked on travel writing. The objective was to write a page of a diary with pictures, imagining they had traveled to one of these cities. With the 4ème OIB, Jussara worked on Bridget’s Jones Diary and the pupils had to learn about bullet journaling, New Year’s Resolutions and how to write a page of a personal diary. Nolwen worked with Mme Tizon’s other class, the 4ème 7, on the notion of « dream job ». The pupils had to create a poster about what their dream job could be, using their aspirations and their imagination.

We learned a lot about teaching during the three weeks we spent in Rosa Parks, thanks to Mme Tizon but also to her classes and their patience with us. For two of us, it was our first teaching experience and we quickly realized that teaching was definitely what we wanted to do ! We worked hard and it was difficult to find our footing at first, but we also had a lot of fun teaching Mme Tizon’s classes, and we were certainly sad to have to leave after only three short weeks !

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