INDIAN SUMMER OIB Family PICNIC in Oberthur park on Saturday 29th September.

Indian summer Picnic in Oberthur IMG_2377 from caroline tizon on Vimeo.

Indian summer picnic !A first for all of us ! To be repeated!

As we have been experiencing Indian summer conditions for a while , dear Mrs O’Hora, the OIB section coordinator, decided to organise a live and warm picnic on the lawn of the park of Oberthur  in Rennes.A large number of OIB families accepted the invitation  and everybody really enjoyed the day .

It was certainly a TERRIFIC  way to make  the summer season last a little longer  with games, songs , dance ,pleasant conversations and lots of laughing !                                   Even Ciara, the NEW Irish assistant joined us eventually!!

***Happy Birthday to you Mrs Gilard by the way !!!!