Happy Birthday, Raina!

A sea of change in comic books

I discovered my first Raina Reigelmeier book in 2010 when her autobiographical graphic novel  Smile came out. Then I picked a copy of Drama then Sisters and today I can’t wait for Guts that should come out in September but Smile definitely cimented my love for her work.                                                                                                                                           Still fresh today, Raina is very popular among my students and  so prolific!                     .For my students, it is such a pleasant way of learning English that we can’t do without her now.                                                                                                                                                So once again HAPPY BIRTDAY to you from all of us here  in Rennes  our little French secondary school.



Let’s explore Europe !

      On Tuesday 14 May, four students from the International Section and representative of the European Union experienced a full information day on European opportunities for young people.They actively participate to different workshops aiming at getting to know European countries, organisations and European languages.They also enjoyed a theatre workshop in English.

At the end of the day they had a better idea of what Europe means and were certainly eager to promote  and share their knowledge with their classmates .  


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The Escape Game – an immersive fun and entertaining experience !

I have recently decided to embark my students on a 2 hour virtual escape game on sports  as a conclusion to our chapter dedicated to the theme.Thanks to innovative teachers like Mrs Haquet  who created this great escape game.My students got really involved into the game and the different missions they had been assigned to and eventually managed  to get to the end.All the necessary ingredients were there to captivate them. It requires featuring a problem,finding clues,solving  puzzles and  questions , reaching a goal, testing your wits and skills and of course working together as a team  and win the golden trophy !!

« It was really cool and instructive.I really enjoyed this escape game! » Arthur

« I liked it because it was good and I won !! » Benjamin

« I really liked it because we learnt a lot of things about sports origin.Unfortunately we couldn’t open the safe on time «  Clémentine

« It was a good competitive experience! »Nour

« It was a cool experience ! I learnt a lot about sport ! » Solal

« I liked it because it was interesting and I learnt so many new words, I’m happy                  for that ! » Tharushi

« It was really cool, I enjoyed the game » Joyce

« Cool ! » jude

« I liked it ! It was so much fun!« Imanol

«  I liked it becaus we worked in pairs » Seamus

So what are you waiting for ? Start planning an escape game today !!

Thanks Mrs Haquet !