End of the school year Party 2017 Such a great way to create lasting memories.We wish you the best !


On Thursday 4th July ,every 3èOIB present at the party got an Award Certificate to recognize the specific efforts and achievement of each of them. We wish them all the best !

The British Film Festival in Dinard – an « Avant Première » for our Young students in Rosa Parks !

last week, our 6è OIB had this great opportunity to go and see a film in Dinard « PAN »,an Amrican fantasy film directed by Joe Wright. It was their first time and they really enjoyed  this moment .Our privileged students discovered the most British and charming  seaside resort and had some good time on the deserted beach. The festival actually starts  28th Sept. to 2nd Oct. 2016.




Reading Challenge fun activities : Keep track of their reading and their work !!

As usual the CM2 (year 6) from Jean Moulin Primary school are taking part in the Reading Challenge Competition and this year the students  are getting more and more active.They have  suggested and sent us  individual and original  presentations of a book of their choice. GREAT WORK!!!!

cm2  prep (1)

In return , the 6OIB ( Year7) have done a pretty nice job too …They have made  and illustrated original postcard describing this time the universe of a book or their choice.

postcards reading challenge activity  (1)

These activities help the students to keep up their reading skills but they also boost their memory.They are doing well in class and there is more to come !

Keep informed !





Memorable 3 weeks with the new interns. A picture is Worth a thousand words !!!

Charlie was in charge of the 6è4

6è4 class pic

Anne Laure was in charge of the OIB

60ibThe jungle book  which is part of the reading challlenge was on the menu.A presentation of the author Ruydard Kipling was necessary

biography kipling 6oib                                                                                                                                           A comparison with Disney production was interesting and attracting for the students.


6oib jungle book

Students are engaged when they are attracted to their work.                                        Actually everybody in the class was seriously working


Nathalie was in charge of the 4OIB (year 9)

class pic 4oib

4oib (2)

4oib BJ4oib BJ (2)4oib

Bridget Jones’s diary was the main theme of this chapter.Every  group,  imagined a six  panel photo novel with specific vocabulary and Bridget Jones’s characters.They were very attentive to Jamie’s remarks.


storyboards (4)

storyboards (3)storyboards (2)

The students produced some remarkable work !!!!!! BRAVO!!