The Fun We’ll Have

6ème OIB Future 5OIB

Les élèves de la section OIB du collège Rosa Parks sont venus ce matin visiter l’Hôtel Pasteur, un édifice remarquable situé au centre de Rennes, pour y découvrir les usages passés.

Ils ont étudié avec leur enseignante une nouvelle d’ Isaac Asimov, The Fun They Had, un monde imaginaire dans lequel les professeurs sont des robots et où l’on ne trouve les livres qu’au fond des greniers…

Set in the year 2157, when children learn individually at home using a mechanical teacher (robotic teacher), the story tells of an eleven-year-old Margie Jones, whose neighbour Tommy finds a real book in the attic of his house.

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Ce travail d’écriture d’une nouvelle de science fiction, librement inspirée de la précédente, propose une approche critique, originale et pas forcément dystopique des élèves en 2019 sur leur avenir éducatif ou celui des générations futures…

In English, of course…












Reading Challenge 2019 in Rosa Parks

Every year , year 6 from Jean Moulin Primary school and year 7 students from Rosa Parks  are invited to join in with the Reading Challenge and this year was no exception!                                                                                                                                          On Monday afternoon,the class was a hive of activity with 42  students from Rosa Parks and Jean Moulin Primary school  involved in this 10th Edition.                                                                                                                                             This annual event is designed to encourage our students to read throughout the school year. Every student who cpmpleted the Reading Challenge got a certificate

BONUS coming soon  !!                                                                                                                                                 – the online review of the book Smile  in the style of Raina Telgemeier + Sola and Yasmine acting out a passage of EsioTrot!





The Reading Challenge is on the way !

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Lately the students have been very busy working on the preparation of the 2019 Reading Challenge.

This edition will take place on Monday 24th June. No rush but no time to waste ! The selection of the best questions and riddles is not always a piece of cake !It demands undivided attention! It announces a fierce battle between the different teams from Rosa Parks secondary School and Jean Moulin Primary School  !

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The process that will help you fall in love with reading

Year 7 OIB class

Happy Birthday, Raina!

A sea of change in comic books

I discovered my first Raina Reigelmeier book in 2010 when her autobiographical graphic novel  Smile came out. Then I picked a copy of Drama then Sisters and today I can’t wait for Guts that should come out in September but Smile definitely cimented my love for her work.                                                                                                                                           Still fresh today, Raina is very popular among my students and  so prolific!                     .For my students, it is such a pleasant way of learning English that we can’t do without her now.                                                                                                                                                So once again HAPPY BIRTDAY to you from all of us here  in Rennes  our little French secondary school.